Shea Butter


Shea Butter is the oil from the nuts of wild Shea trees found scattered throughout West and Central Africa. Shea Butter has been a staple of African pharmacology for centuries as a decongestant, an anti-inflammatory for sprains and arthritis, as a healing salve and in cooking. However, the protective and emollient properties of Shea Butter are most valued for skin and hair care. In recent clinical trials, Shea Butter was found to help to protect skin against climate and UV aggressions, prevent wrinkle formation, soothe irritated and chapped skin, and moisturize the epidermis. Shea Butter also enhances cell regeneration and capillary circulation.



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100% Traditional, hand-crafted, unrefined *Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) *Fair Trade ~W. AFR

Traditional Uses:Dry Skin • Psoriasis • Massage • Hair care • Stretch marks • Burns • Arthritis • Chapped lips • Sun damage • Cracked and dry heels or elbows • Small wounds and scrapes • Diaper rash (prevention and relief) • Insect bites & stings • Muscle fatigue, aches & tension -Pet care (skin infections, dry skin & coats).


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