Lavender-Mint Sunspray SPF 25


This refreshing & cooling Lavendermint Sun-spray was formulated on an inspiration that I had at 3 am many years ago. I got this idea of a naturally derived aqueous UV protector that would probably work much better than most of the crap that was on market. So off I went into the lab to experiment with what I had. At dawn it was done. The next day was blazing hot so I put some on to test it out. Wow, did that feel good! No burn and it felt so nice on the skin. I proceeded to test out my experimental formula on a few of my trusting friends and ever faithful family members. Impressive. I went to Cuba on a trip in August a month later and took my experimental Sunspray along. Fantastic results! No burn and the formula felt so nice and cool on my skin despite the scorching heat of the sun in the Caribbean at the height of summer. The following year I decided it was time to try it out at the public farmers markets I used to do many moons ago. Though it has evolved somewhat with various tweaks and added goodies, the Lavendermint Sunspray has been an all time favourite with many folks (including me) ever since its conception.

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  • A refreshing and cooling naturally derived UVB protector that feels awesome on the skin and really works!
  • A proprietory formula containing organic aromatic hydrosols, essential oils, botanical extracts and naturally occurring esters.
  • Travel easy, leak proof spray top bottle
  • 60 ml