Helio-Carrot CO2 Total


Helio-Carrot CO2 Total is a bright orange extract, very high in beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E. that is derived from the roots of the plant into pure Jojoba. It typically uses 10 lbs of dried carrot roots per 1 lbs of Jojoba. The result is a very rich, bright orange oil that is beneficial for the skin and hair. Helio-carrot may be used at around 1-1.5% in formulations to help to help stimulate the production of sebum in dry skin and scalp and to help with the formation of healthy skin cells. An excellent addition to any formula to help prevent sun damage, and a must in formulas for weathered, irritated and aging skin. I like to combine it with Rose hip seed CO2, Sea Buckthorn Seed CO2 and Calendula in my skin serums and solar products.  Helio-carrot CO2 extract is such a powerful anti-oxidant that it can also help preserve the life of the products it contains! Only a few drops is needed to enrich your formulas.



Helio-Carrot: (Daucus carota)~root Origin: Ger Method: Co2 total organic extract in Jojoba. Very high in beta-carotene and vitamins A and E. Powerful anti-oxidant properties.

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15ml, 30 mls