Pine, Black


Black Pine is the strongest of the Pine oils. An excellent choice where fatigue and adrenal depletion is an issue. Like Scots Pine, Black Pine makes a good male tonic for sexual fatigue. Use at about 1% for a nourishing body oil rub with perhaps some Sandalwood, Black Spruce, Goldenrod and Lemon. In the diffuser, Black Pines refreshing scent is up-lifting and invigorating. A great oil for mental focus, grounding and clarity.



Black Pine (Pinus nigra) ~needles & twigs Origin: MED Method: Steam distilled certified organic. Properties: Decongesting; Stimulating; Anti-inflammatory; Anti bacterial; Drying. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenesα-pinene, β-pinene, limonene, β-caryophyllene & germacrene D). Blends well with Black Spruce, Lemon, Scots Pine, Cedar wood and Lavender. Avoid if pregnant or nursing.

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15ml, 5ml