Palmarosa is the absolute aromatherapists dream oil!  It’s potency rivals many hot phenol oils such as Oregano & Thyme but with a more delicate & refined fragrance. Palmarosa’s broad spectrum of healing abilities to address a wide range of conditions cannot be over-estimated. It is in my top 10 must have essential oils. In fact, I never travel anywhere without it. Palmarosa has been shown to be effective against many conditions including sinusitis, infections of the reproductive system, CFS, eczema, athletes foot, cold & flu’s and more. Can be used neat on the soles of the feet at the onset of a cold or flu. One drop in an unscented face crème or base oil does wonders for wrinkles.  Palmarosa can be deceptive in having one think she’s gentle. She smells much more gentle than she really is. Less is better. Palmarosa’s stellar anti bacterial properties makes her a great travel companion especially when travelling to foreign countries. Remember to use her wisely.



PALMAROSA : (Cymbopogon martini)~grass Origin: Nepal – c/org Method: steam distilled Properties: Anti-bacterial; anti fungal; anti viral; skin care; CFS. Primary  Constituents: Alcohols (geraniol) 75% Esters (geranyl formiate) 10% . Uses: Topical; inhalation; internal (1-2 drops per day diluted) under professional guidance by qualified aromatherapist.  Blends well with Geranium, Rose, Lemongrass, MQV, Thyme linalool & Tea Tree.

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