Kashmir Lavender

We have a lovely Kashmir Lavender back in stock for those of you who have been pining for more. This lovely distillation is sweet, herbaceous and strikingly similar to some of the high altitude French Lavender essential oils we’ve smelled in the past. Grown in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas, this high altitude growing Lavender cultivar, is a sparkling floral jewel with an exceptionally high natural linalool content. A must in any relax blend.

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Lavender: (Lavendula anguvstifolia)~flowering tops Origin: IND Method: Steam distilled Properties: Relaxing; Anti-inflammative; Antispasmodic; Anti bacterial; Carminative. Primary Constituents: Alcohols (linalool 43%) Esters (linalyl acetate 38%). Blends with everything.

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