Cedarwood, Texas


Texas Cedarwood oil is actually from a Juniper, Juniperus mexicana or Juniperus ashei, native to Arizona, Texas, Mexico and Central America. The oil’s aroma is often compared to the sweet, woody aroma of pencil shavings. Similar to Virginia Cedarwood but softer, not quite as strong, harsh and pungent. Texas Cedrawood oil has a clean, sweet-woody, smoky aroma that’s tenacious, getting soft and sweeter in the dry out.  A really great oil for creating leather and chypre type fragrances with. Blends particularly well with Patchouli, Frankincense, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Rosewood, Spruce, Atlas Cedar and most citrus oils. Texas Cedarwood is an extremely cost effective essential oil for many essential oil blending creations including hair and skin care recipes, cosmetic toiletries, diffuser blends and natural perfumes. It’s also used extensively as a mosquito deterrent and for repelling bed bugs we’ve heard. The perfect multitasker at a very sweet price!



Texas Cedarwood: (Juniperus mexicana)~wood Origin: USA Method: Steam Distillation Properties: anti fungal; antiseptic; insecticidal; anti microbial; venotonic; calming. Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenol (a-Cedrene; Cedrol; Thujopsene). Blends well with confers, citrus oils, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetivert and Rosewood.

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