Alberta Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea, called rhodiola, and known as “golden root” or “arctic root”,  has long been used in Eastern European traditional medicine as a natural tonic to help promote good health, strength, endurance and mental performance. It has been suggested Rhodiola rosea may be used in conditions to help relieve stress and anxiety, to reduce fatigue, and to help with proper cognitive function. Recent studies conclude Rhodiola is a very promising treatment for stress and mild to moderate depression, as a neuroprotectant and as a promising treatment for a number of other physical & mental health conditions as well.

Our Alberta Rhodiola is harvested in Barrhead Alberta from fresh roots in the fall that are at east 6 years old for optimum efficacy. It has a lovely rosy flavour and aroma that lends itself nicely to the addition of herbal teas, smoothies or simply added to warm water as a beverage. One of my favourites with a bit of Rosewater and in Indian Tulsi Rose tea!

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  • Rhodiola rosea root organically cultivated in Barrhead, AB Canada. This dual extraction tincture is made from fresh roots of Rhodiola plants at least 6 years old harvested during the fall for optimum potency. Other Ingredients: Alcohol 20% & spring water.
  • Phytochemistry: Rich in rosavins, salidrosides, tannins & aromatic essential oils including geraniol, which gives Rhodiola a lovely rosy flavour and scent. Delightful!
  • Usage: 2-4 dropper fulls 3x daily as needed
  • Procured by Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals in Nelson BC.
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100ml, 25 mls