Quick Reference Of 114 Important Essential Oil


“This guide is meant to provide quick reference for aromatherapy users in all stages of experience. Its structure is based on the concepts of French Medical Aromatherapy, establishing a connection between the main components of an essential oil and its pharmacological properties, as well as on empirical data. Oils with a high alcohol content, for example, are observed to be tonifying, whereas those with a high aldehyde content as sedative. By listing the established facts in short tables, this guide aims to make the selection of the right essential oils quick and easy, whether the purpose is for recreation or treatment”. We find this little jewel of a book an invaluable guide for everyone interested in aromatherapy. It is easy to read & very user friendly no matter what one’s level of experience. The Quick Reference Guide aims exactly as states. A must have for anyone interested in aromatherapy!

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Quick Reference of 114 Important Essential Oils

Author: Monika Haas

114 pages