Abyssinian Oil

A relative new comer on the scene, this organically cultivated Canadian Crambe Abyssinica oil is quite the super star in cosmetic properties for skin and hair. Abyssinian oil is ultra-light, non-greasy and natural with a unique molecular structure that isn’t found in any other naturally-occurring oil. This unique vegetable oil penetrates the skin very quickly and is suitable for combination skin with an oily tendency. Abyssinian oil provides a satiny texture to the skin and helps it to regenerate. It also restores shine to dry hair and detangles the most frizzy hair without over saturating. This little-known non-comedogenic oil contains a high level of fatty acids: erucic, oleic and linoleic, which make it both moisturizing and protective, thanks to its velvety and non-greasy texture. When applied to the skin in serums, creams, and oil-based facial cleansers, it hydrates and locks in moisture. In hair care formulations, it restores shine and luster, conditions and diminishes brittle hair. The outstanding properties of Abyssinian oil easily make it the perfect replacement that surpasses our beloved yet ever costly Jojoba and Argan oils in many formulations.

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Abyssinian: (*Crambe Abyssinica) ~seed Origin: Canada Method: Cold pressed from organically grown seeds Primary Constituents: erucic acid (55-60%) *The oil is not edible.

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