Wild Chamomile


Wild Chamomile is a bit of an anomaly. It is not a true Chamomile and should not be  confused nor inter-changed with other Chamomiles as it has a completely different chemical profile and distinctive aroma from other Chamomiles. This oil has centering and balancing properties and is considered a good general tonic essence for the nervous system. It also exhibits soothing and irritant-reducing effects on the skin. In perfumery is where Wild Chamomile’s uniquely distinctive ambrosial aroma really shines however. Even trace amounts will produce interesting effects in a blend. It works as a great top for many types of fragrances;- especially chypres, fougeres and ambers. The scent is herbal, fresh-fruity at first, with a bit of a camphor note reminiscent of some Artemisia’s. The scent then lingers into a lovely sweet-herbaceous –powdery-balsamic-amber dry down that settles nicely with most bases. Though the essential oil has been produced in small amounts for years, very little is truly known about it unfortunately. We think it has great potential in a variety of applications for both the aromatherapist and natural perfumer.



Wild Chamomile:  (Ormenis mixta) ~ leaves ~MOR w/c Properties: Antispasmodic; emmenagogue; sedative; anti inflammatory. Primary Constiuents: Monoterpenes (santolina alcohols, yomogi alcohols) Sesqiterpenes (germecrene, β-farnesene). Blends well with other Chamomiles, Lavender, Vetivert, Cistus and Mandarin. Uses: Topical Caution if pregnant or nursing.

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