Thyme Thujanol


This is probably my favourite Thyme oil. It is truly a rare artisan specialty oil due to its availability & erratic growing patterns. Thyme thujanol possesses all the strength of the more fiery hot phenolic type Thymes (i.e. Thyme thymol & borneol) yet it is fragrantly smooth & gentle. In fact, it is gentle enough for careful oral ingestion or used topically with very little irritation. The fragrance is spectacular, -quite yummy to my nose in fact. You can just smell the herbed covered high hills of Provence when you take a sniff. This Thyme variety is the Thyme of choice when you need something really powerful with a broad spectrum of anti infectious, anti viral, strengthening and immune boosting activity that won’t hurt you. Due to its rare availability, we’re offering this specialty oil in 5 ml sizes only while quantities last. Enjoy! 



Thyme Thujanol (Thymus vulgaris thujanol) ~ herb FR w/c  Properties: Anti viral, liver stimulant, anti infectious, immunostimulant. Primary Constituents: Alcohols (linalool, geranol, terpinene-4-ol, alpha terpineol, thujanol), Monoterpenes. Blends well with Ravensare, Bay Laurel, Hyssop, Lavender & Palmarosa.

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