Sandalwood ~Australia


Australian Sandalwood plantation trees are mature no earlier than 20 years of age, and may take 100 years to fully mature. The steam distillation process of steam distilled Sandalwood essential oil takes 4-7 days. Hence, the price can be quite significant. Although the Australian government has strict laws under the “Sandalwood Act” governing the harvesting of wild Sandalwood, poaching from Sandalwood plantations is problematic. Sandalwood is dear as we all know. The old Mysore Sandalwood is virtually extinct. New Sandalwood plantations have been cropping up but it takes many years and they are all under watchful eyes from all sides. We all love our Sandalwood just too darn much everywhere! And nothing can replace the real thing. This Australian variety has some very nice nuances that occasionally reminds of some Indian varieties of late. With some aging it has proven itself nicely. My precious Rose and Vetivert thinks so too.

Australian Santalum spicatum posses many surprising health benefits as well that are unlike other varieties. It is prized for its anti-bacterial qualities, and has demonstrated to be more effective against the Staphylococcus aureus strain than Tea Tree oil!

Australian Sandalwood essential oil is relaxing, grounding, calming, improves mental clarity, stills the mind and is a lovely gentle aphrodisiac that blends with almost everything. Perfume, medicine, cosmetics, skin care, etc.

Sandalwood from Australia has definitely earned a rightful place in my secret cabinet of aromatic treasures!



Sandalwood: (Santalum spicatum)~wood  Origin: AUS Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti-microbial; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory; calming; de-stressing; aphrodisiac.  Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes; alpha-santalol, epi-alpha-bisalobol, trans-farnesol, cis-beta-santalol, trans-alpha-bergamotol. Blends well with Rose, Black Spruce; Vetivert, Sweet Orange, etc.

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