Muhuhu is also known as African Sandalwood and can be used as a replacement for the less sustainable Sandalwood. This oil has a more intensely woody aroma than Sandalwood, somewhere between Indian Sandalwood, Amyris & Haitian Vetivert. I suggest using Muhuhu as you would most Sandalwood oils at a slightly less amount you normally would with Sandalwood;- of course dependent on what you’re blending it with. It is more tenaciously woody than Sandalwood. Play with it first to find the correct compliant proportions you need. I have found Muhuhu proves itself with vintage aging beautifully. Muhuhu is definitely an aromatic that’s worthy of consideration in any aromatherapists tool kit or for the perfumers palette.



Muhuhu: (Erachyleanna huthinsii)~wood Origin: Kenya ~wild craft Method: Steam distilled Properties: Anti-inflammatory-antispasmodic; antibacteria; antifungal; cooling; grounding; aphrodisiac; hypotensive. Primary Constitunets: Sesquiterpene (±-amorphene, brachyl oxide) 25%. Blends well with Cedar wood, Patchouli, Rose & Citrus oils. Uses: Topical.

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15ml, 5ml