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Lovage has a diverse history epicurely and medicinally for hundreds of years throughout Europe and Asia where it was used primarily for flavouring and to counter indigestion and flatulence. As the name implies in many languages, Lovage was probably used as well as an aphrodisiac with references been found in books of old of its use in a variety of enticing magic love potions. Today Lovage is used in many medicinal preparations with a special affinity especially for conditions relating to the liver and kidneys. It may also be used effectively in certain cosmetic preparations for lightening the skin, ameliorating psoriasis, relaxing massage formulas and in interesting fougère type perfume creations. The scent is wildly herbaceous, sweet, spicy, warm and perfusive like celery seed or parsley but more intense. Can also be added sparingly to prepared culinary dishes. Please use with discretion. A very small amount goes a long way!


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Lovage: (Levisticum officinale)~leaf Origin: BUL Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti oxidant; anti-inflammative; detoxifying; astringent; antispasmodic; cramp relieving; digestive tonic; liver detoxifying;  anti psoriatic; anti-infectious; antibacterial; anti fungal; anti parasitic; diuretic. Primary Constituents: Monoterpene alcohols & esters: (α-terpinyl acetate; α-terpineol) Phthalides: (Z-Ligustilide) Monoterpenes: β-phellandrene; β-Myrcene; Limonene). Blends well with Bay Laurel, Carrot seed, Lavender, Coriander & Cardamon. Caution: Avoid if pregnant in first trimester & with small children.  May be phototoxic.(Tisserand/Rodney Young)

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