Jack Pine


It’s been awhile since we had any of our delightfully fragrant, northern Jack Pine on the shelves. He’s a lovely fellow for strengthening the immune system and opening up the breathing channels. You can use Jack Pine in a body scrub in the shower to help liven you up in the morning. Especially nice with a bit of Lemon and Spruce oils added. Use Jack in massage blends or for inhalation in the diffuser. He’s a good help with circulatory & respiratory issues. Jack also displays very good anti inflammatory, bactericide and anti fungal properties too. A fine helping friend with a lovely robust aroma from here in Canada. *Limited Edition



Jack Pine:(Pinus banksiana divaricata)~ needles & twigs Origin: CAN c/org Method: Steam Distilled Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes: α-Pinene; β-Pinene, Bornyl acetate. Blends well with most citrus and other conifer oils.

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15ml, 5ml