Guava Leaf


From Madagascar comes a rare and promising essential oil with powerful health potential and a unique, complex scent profile. Research has indicated Guava leaf for strengthening the immune response, as a powerful anti inflammatory and as an anti allergenic agent. Beneficial as an addition for brightening the skin in cosmetics and as a digestive aid when used as a rub on the belly (1% in carrier oil). It also poses great anti fungal property potential for cases of ringworm and candida. Guava Leafs unique scent lends itself well to a variety of natural perfume creations for the perfumer. It’s notes are peppery, citrus-fruity, creamy and woodsy. A rare and exotic oil that will quickly find a rightful place in your home pharmacopeia, perfume accordion or clinic.


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Guava Leaf: (Psiduim guajava) ~leaves Origin: MAD Method: Steam distilled from ethically w/c leaves. Properties: Immuno-stimulant; anti allergenic; anti-inflammatory; analgesic; anti fungal; carminative; purifying; antidiabetic; antioxidant; hepatoprotective; antimicrobial; lipid-lowering; antidiarrhea. Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes & Monoterpenes: (b-caryophyllene; limonene; 1,8 cineol). Blends well with Black Pepper, MQV, Copaiba, Katrafay Yuzu and Sandalwood.*Caution for those on heart medications. May lower blood sugar levels.

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