Frankincense Frereana


A gorgeous hydro-distilled specialty Frankincense essential oil from Somaliland. This Frankincense is known as the King of all Frankincense oils. It is up-lifting, relaxing, balancing and deeply calming to the nervous system, making it an ideal essential oil that is conducive to any meditation practise. Its unique earthy sweet balsamic aroma plus extraordinary healing properties lends itself well to a variety of applications including rejuvenating skin care elixirs, therapeutic massage blends, aromatic medicine formulations, roll-ons, inhalators and natural perfume. A prized addition to any Frankincense collection!


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Frankincense Frereana: Frankincense frereana ~resin Origin: SOM – c/org Method: Hydro-distilled Properties -cell regenerating; anti-depressive; anti arthritic; immuno-modulating; calming. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes 30%- a-pinene, limonene ; Sesqiterpenes; Sesquiterpene alcohols- borneol, farnesol Uses: Topical, inhalation, oral (under professional aroma medical supervision).

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