Bergamot FCF


Bergamot is a hybrid fruit of bitter orange and lime. The white flowers from the bergamot orange  tree which produces the fruit are said to be the symbol of the Madonna and the fruit her chastity and salvation. The fruit itself is too bitter to eat but the zest from the cold pressed rind produces the deliciously fragrant and up-lifting essence used culinarily, in perfume, cosmetics and in medicine. Bergamot FCF means that it is furanocoumarin-free. The furanocoumarin bergaptene molecule is responsible for the usual undesirable photosensitizing effect of Bergamot essential oil. Bergamot FCF has the same lovely up-lifting aroma and properties as regular Bergamot but with the added bonus of safely using it in cosmetics and natural perfume without the worry of going out in the sun and getting burned.



Bergamot FCF (bergaptene free):  (Citrus bergamia)~rind Origin: CHI Method: certified organic cold pressed rind Properties: sedative; anti depressive; anti-spasmodic; anti infectious; antibacterial; antiseptic; digestive; up-lifting. Primary Constituents: Monoterpene(limonene) Terpene ester: (linalyl acetate). This bergamot oil is not photosensitizing. It has undergone a treatment to eliminate bergaptene which is responsible for the potential risk of the usual phototoxicity effect of bergamot essential oil. Blends well with most other essential oils.

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15ml, 5ml