There’s something about fall here in the Northern hemisphere I find particularly irresistible and sexy.  The changing colours of the landscape , the earthy harvest scent in the air, the fresh early darkening of the night sky, and of course all those fabulous sexy fall boots! It’s a time when we are called to create space in preparation for the long, cold winter months ahead and make room for  the harvest bounty that will sustain and nourish us throughout the cool months ahead. It’s a time to go deep within ourselves and our relationship to others to create and fortify vital connections with our life force energy to keep us spiritually and erotically inspired, warm and fed.

Nothing speaks at providing connection more deeply for me during fall than warm and spicy aromatics and perfume. The mouth watering allure of Cardamom, Anise and Nutmeg. The delicate candy floral wood notes of Coriander and rose undertones of Black Pepper. The deliciously embracing, spicy sweet scent of South east Asian Ginger and Cinnamon. And the mysterious piquant aroma of Zedorary from Nepal or Sugandha Kokila, known as “A Gift to Perfumers from the Himalayan Kingdom”, with its exotic spicy lush fruit scent.  And where would we be without the exalting musky animal notes of prized Angelica?  It’s no wonder these oils are considered some of the most potent aromatic aphrodisiacs. They really get the blood pumping and sweet juices flowing. 

Oh, such  bountiful blessings we have to be grateful for. Divine essences that connect us deeply to the Source while keeping us healthy, happy, smelling good and help keep our eco-system vibrant and alive!

Welcome Fall! Now let’s bring out those sexy leather boots and Lavender perfumed gloves shall we.