If you love perfume, be part of our community!

“Who breathes the smell of flowers, breathes the soul of flowers.” 
(Ancient Egyptian wisdom)

Natural perfumes are more than just a good smell!

They reconnect us with nature; are part of our culture and were linked to healing in many different cultures worldwide. In many parts of the world ancient traditions of making natural perfumes are still honoured, while in other parts of the world the cultural heritage of the production and use of natural perfume is nearly lost or has been completely forgotten.

Important message from IFP founder Creezy Courtoy:

The International Perfume Foundation has been founded to:

Educate, Protect and Revitalize our Perfume’s Culture and Heritage to Reconnect the Human Society with the Beauty and Healing Power of Nature.

What sort of world are we going to choose to leave our children?

Will it be a world made of synthetic ingredients and artificial products without any natural ingredients?  No original seeds?  No flowers or plants or bees involved? People should remember the important connection with natural foods, natural perfumes, flower fields and bees. It is time to make your choice!