Bath or Shower

Essential oils are the perfect choice for the bath or shower where they can easily penetrate into the skin. No need for diluting and no mess to clean up after. Use around 3-6 drops of preferred oil or blend directly in the bath. Alternatively, you can use essential oils directly in the shower. Try a few drops of Lavender, Clary Sage or a drop or 2 of Roman Chamomile in the evening for a truly relaxing experience or some rosemary in the morning to help with that get up and go. For shower use, apply essential oils directly onto a damp wash cloth, sponge or directly in the palm of your hand. Interrupt shower briefly and rub briskly over skin like soap to receive the full benefits and effect of the oils. Eucalyptus radiata, MQV, Ravensare or Manuka are great choices if a cold is coming on.


Diffusers, aroma lamps, aroma plug-ins for the car or home, typical asthma inhalers, old fashioned hot water tent method or just simply a tissue with a drop or two of an essential oil or oil blend are just some of the ways to enjoy the powerful healing benefits of essential oils through inhalation. Essential oils can drastically reduce micro-organisms in the room as well as keep fungal infestations away. With the appropriate oils, one can effectively reduce and eliminate bacteria and viruses that lead to colds, flues or bronchitis. Essential oils will help build up the immune system thus containing and eliminating micro organisms that lead to colds.

If using the hot water in bowl tent method, 2- 3 drops of required essential oil is all that’s needed. Allow the steam to dissipate slightly before covering your head. Breathe in deeply for 10-15 minutes. Palmarosa works wonders for anyone suffering from sinusitis with this method. A couple times per day for 2-3 days and it’s usually all cleared up.

For typical asthma blank inhalers, use about 15-25 drops of appropriate oil. Simply place essential oil in a bowl and soak cotton swab in the oil and replace into inhaler cartridge and use when needed. An inhaler can be used weeks with this method and is very non-intrusive.  For plug in car diffusers that fit into the lighter socket or USB of your car, use about 2-5 drops of oil. I particularly like Lemongrass combined with Palmarosa in my car and so does everyone else apparently! Very refreshing and revitalizing as well as being anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal too!

Aroma lamps usually require about 5-10 drops of essential oil. Cold diffusers are by far the most effectively therapeutic and professionally preferred method of utilizing the healing benefits of essential oils.

Unfortunately, they also seem to require a lot more oil and a lot more cleaning, but they are worth every bit of cost and effort. I use about 2-3 mls (40-60 drops) of essential oil in mine. Many hospitals and institutions in Europe and other parts of the world including the U.S. are now using cold diffusers in their sick rooms with very satisfactory and sometimes astounding results. Many hospitals are also now allowing and even recommending the use of blank inhalers personally feel cold diffusers should be mandatory in the work place where people are breathing in re-circulated air all day. Money saved from sick leave would pay for itself many times over as well as boost the over all general moral by helping out with all round productivity and creating an environmentally healthy work place for everyone.

If you’re interested in ordering one of these diffusers, let us know. Prices range from $110. – $500. depending on the size of the area it’s intended for. Large institutions may require more than 1 diffuser.

Diluting oils

This is the most common way to use essential oils directly on the skin. Simply add approximately 10-12 drops to 30 mls. of your favourite essential oil or oil blend to a carrier such as jojoba, MCT, Camellia oil or any good quality skin care oil.You can add essential oils to creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, mouth washes, etc.

Or make your own “spritzer” for a fabulous body splash or healthy room spray. Adding a touch of alcohol such as vodka or everclear will help emulsify the oils and water.

Or how about cooking? I drop of sweet peppermint mitchum to a litre of vanilla soya milk, 1 tsp. of spirulina and 2 frozen bananas makes an awesome smoothy that even kids love!

Or add 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil to a brownie mix for delicious chocolate orange brownies. Out of oregano? Try 1 drop of oregano oil in your spaghetti sauce. And of course, Lemon essential oil is an absolute must with fish or in a salad dressing. Even better, try Lemon Myrtle! Ever cooked with Lavender? Be creative but exercise restraint as essential oils are very powerful. Use only organic oils for cooking.

I like to first infuse my salt, honey, sugars, vinegars and cooking oils with essential oils then use that to flavour meals with. Or try some of our Culinary Delights! They’ve been already prepared for you so you don’t have to do the work

Essential oils are also an environmentally sound and an extremely effective way to keep your home sparking clean and smelling fresh. Use them in your laundry, in your vacuum bag or add a few drops of oil such as tea tree, pine and rosemary  to some baking soda for a dynamite anti bacterial/anti fungal cleaner for your baththroom sink and toilet. Try some Lemon, Lavender and Orange essential oil in a spray bottle for truly sparking windows or some Patchouli, Lemon, Balsam Fir or Cedarwood essential oil in some beeswax furniture paste to help keep bugs away while preserving the integrity of your fine wood furniture and floors.

We use essential oils everywhere;- from cleaning the kitchen and bathroom to making exquisite one of a kind perfumes, cosmetics and tasty aroma fair cuisine. Be imaginative and have fun!

General Guidelines

1% dilution = 1 drop per 5 ml. base: Best dilution for strong oils such as peppermint . Use even less for oils containing compounds with high amounts of ketones such as sage and hyssop or phenols such as oregano (carvacrol) and thyme (thymol). 2% dilution = 2 drops e.o. per 5 ml. base: Best dilution for general use. Skin care, massage oils, hair care, etc . 5% dilution = 5 drops e.o per 5 ml. base: Therapeutic level. Chest rubs, circulatory blends, healing salves, etc. 10% dilution = 10 drops e.o per 5 ml. base :This dilution is best for oil based perfumery. 10% rose diluted in jojoba oil will smell pretty close to the real thing. If using alcohol as a perfume base, you may need to use a higher dilution and allow the oils and alcohol to “marry” for at least 2 weeks to a month. I actually recommend several months but you can get away with a shorter period if you really must.

There is an essential oil for every purpose and for everyone! Be sure to use only genuine and authentic oils from a reputable source for therapeutic, cosmetic or culinary purposes. For general household cleaning, you can get away with using essential oils commonly found in most stores. Just be sure they’re pure! Use your nose, ask questions. Price is usually a fairly good indicator as to the integrity of the oil. Be a connoisseur.

Genuine – Absolutely unadulterated. Authentic – Clearly distinguished composition or chemotype of a plant.

Always treat with respect when handling essential oils and keep out of the hands of children. Caution using essential oils during pregnancy especially during the first trimester. Consult a certified aroma therapist if unsure about safety. Enjoy!