Greetings to all and welcome to a new era! At this moment we sit on the threshold of vast uncertainty. We are experiencing a time of existential crisis never seen before. Faced with an environmental crisis to which many species and micro-species on our planet earth will imminently become extinct. What this means to our very existence not only with changing weather patterns, but to the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, is a deeply disturbing prospect. We are all profoundly inter-connected and at risk. How this change will affect our precious aromatics and plant medicines is hard to tell. Throughout history we have witnessed numerous examples of aromatic botanicals and plant medicines being ruthlessly exploited and destroyed for pleasure and profit. Now we are faced with not only the intentional destructive pillaging of these precious resources, but with the secondary unintentional fallout caused primarily by capitalist greed, to which our delicate ecosystems and ultimately our entire world environment, has been catastrophically effected. 

What we do & how we show up in ways that actually make a difference are part of some of the dialogues and questions many of us are pondering.

 Biodiversity is the backbone of our existence on earth. It’s where life interplays with its environment to create ecosystems and makes the earth habitable. Without biodiversity there is no hope for humanity. No doubt we are living in troubling times with biodiversity at stake. We also live in a time of great possibility and potential. We are seeing people everywhere coming together and taking a stand. Women planting trees, people young and old taking to the streets speaking out against climate change, permaculture societies cropping up finding new ways to be and co-exist in the world, new co-operative ventures being formed, miles of bee friendly urban corridors of flowers being planted. Everywhere you look there is a growing shift of human consciousness towards sustainability on this planet.

We sit at this moment on the threshold of exciting times indeed! I believe It’s up to each of us to show up in ways that ultimately help the bigger picture as a whole collectively. Whether it be making art, marching in the streets, speaking out, planting trees, playing music, dancing, writing letters, building yurts, farming, teaching others or simply being there to lend a helping hand. It’s up to all of us right now to step up fully, authentically and unapologetically together like never before. It’s time to start giving back to Mother Earth. To show up ecstatically with gifts to honour Her. To thank Her and humbly give back with joy those gifts which we hold.

I will be in the garden making perfume and other smelly good things to share.

“Look past your 


So you may drink

The pure nectar