Love has a way of awakening our senses and enhancing our experiences. Like the aromatic splendour of the sweet scent of Roses and damp earth after the rain or the stimulating scent of freshly ground coffee and chocolate early in the morning. It can feel warm and melting like a soft quiet whisper, or it can feel rapidly exciting and intoxicating, displacing our reality. We are gripped with a ravenous hunger and insatiable thirst for our lovers embrace. The sight of them and their scent send potent craving signals to our body. We will do anything to be near them and feel their touch upon our flesh. It can make us feel vibrantly alive and radiant or make us squirm and feel helplessly sick. Love is the drug that’s hooked on us. No wonder it can feel so highly addictive.

But wait…. what if you’re single? No matter, love is in the air for each and everyone. From rare aromatics and precious oils to exotic toys & gifts of pleasure, we offer a plethora of sensorial goodies for all. If you’re single, you need not feel alone, come love yourself. When you show yourself self love, that love radiates to all that you do and whomever you meet. Anoint your body with precious aromatics that sing to your heart. Honour yourself with pleasure. Send big love energy out into the universe for all. Breathe it in slow & deep and exhale it out like a lion. Let’s all come together and be one big pleasure machine of pure orgasmic LOVE ENERGY!  

Speaking of love energy, nothing speaks more to universal love than the Rose~ “the Queen of Flowers”. Since time memorial, Roses have been the symbol of love, truth and beauty and for balancing physical, emotional and spiritual health. It has been a symbol of erotic desire and that of secrecy. The Sufis believed angels loved the smell of roses and that Rosewater and special attars would attract them to their gatherings. The aroma and beauty of the Rose has captivated us for thousands of years and has been cultivated and honoured by practically every culture throughout history. 

Besides having a gorgeous scent, Rose is distinguished as being both a powerful antidepressant and a reputed aphrodisiac. It also cools the body and is good for the heart, the skin, the eyes, vaginas and liver.

Our Black Amethyst Rose perfume is the ultimate Rose lovers aromatic dream. Packed with literally thousands of rose petals then imbued with heavenly rare Oud, Guaiac wood and Violet. For a darker dirtier Rose experience, try our wickedly enchanting organic Cuir Rose perfume. Looking for Rose simplicity? Try our Absolute Rose or Attar of Roses with Sandalwood. All our limited edition natural perfumes make an exceptional aromatic gift for anyone. The memory of scent is the longest lasting memory we have. Love remembers through smell so you need not be lost or forgotten out foraging in the thorny Rose bushes!

“What was said to the rose that made it open

was said to me here in my heart…”

Jalaluddin Rumi