Yarrow has a very long history of healing in human history. Named after Archilleus, the greatest of all Greek warriors, central character of Homers Illiad and hero of the Trojan War, Archilleus is said to have used Yarrow to heal the wounds of his soldiers during battle. So ancient as a medicinal is Yarrow that traces of it have been found in Neanderthal burials. True essential oil of Yarrow is a rarity as most is highly adulterated. It takes much plant material to produce any oil and hence costly. Our oil is a magnificent deep shade of azulene with a beautiful sweet, herbal floral aroma. Small amounts are all that’s required to realize it’s healing benefits. A powerful ally for all sorts of pain, injuries and inflammation. Yarrow strengthens the nervous system, heals wounds and helps stops bleeding. Great powerful medicine that’s good to have.



Yarrow: (Achillea millefolium)~herb Origin: CAN Method: Steam distilled; ethically wild crafted; certified organic. Properties: choleretic; anti-inflammatory; cicatrizing; emmenagogue; anticatarrhal. Primary Constituents: Sabinene; myrcene; ß-pinene; germacrene-D; ß-caryophyllene;
chamazulene; 1,8 cineole; ß-thuyone; camphene. Blends well with Helichrysum, Lavender and Rock Rose. Avoid if pregnant and with babies.

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