Sweet Gale


Sweet Gale. Potent healer and a milk maidens foe.  A childless lucid dreamscape friend. Sweet Gale is a perfumers enchantress that opens up with subtly fragrant deep beauty upon dilution. She is lovely, rare, powerful, and to be respected. Use her with caution and reverence.


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Sweet Gale: (Myrica gale)~leaves & twigs Origin: CAN Method: Steam distilled from certified organic plant material. Properties: Mucolytic; pulmonary antiseptic; anti-oxidant; insecticidal; purifying. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes;(sabinene; limonene; myricene; a-pinene; b-pinene; camphene; etc.); *Ketones:(Alpha-thujone); Sesquiterpenes: (Germacrene-D); Esters: (Geranyl acetate). *Contraindicated with pregnant and nursing women. Keep away from babies & small children.

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15ml, 5 ml 10%, 5ml

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