Pot O’ Gold Solid Perfume


Pot O’ Gold is a slow releasing solid natural perfume that mingles with your own natural body chemistry in a truly magical way. Apply as is or as a shimmering aromatic base layered with other fragrances if desired. It contains the exalting aroma of Angelica and Ambrette woven in with Ylang-ylang then anchored into a base of Sumatra Patchouli, Styrax Benzoin, Haitian Vetivert, aged Atlas Cedar, French Tobacco leaf, Madagascar Vanilla and Violet leaf absolute. Luxuriously sprinkled in 24K gold faerie dust, Pot O’ Gold reflects a beautiful golden shimmer wherever applied, exuding sweet amber notes dancing in the light.

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  • 100% natural botanicals, pure essential oils & 24k gold mica set in a black amethyst glass pot.
  • 7 g
  • Natural Sold Perfume Hand Crafted in Nelson, BC. Canada By Isis Essentials