Hyssop ct. Cineol


“Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean”

Hyssop ct Cineol should not to be confused with the more common Hyssop officinalis which contains toxic ketones. This Hyssop type is more similar to the gentle and more rare decumbens variety but with a higher 1,8 cineol content. The decumbens variety has a higher linalool content. Both the cineol ct. variety and decumbens are safe and wise alternatives especially if you have children or are pregnant. Do not use the common Hyssop officinalis if you are pregnant or with children! We do not carry the regular Hyssop officinalis just to let you know. Only the cineol and decumbens variety.

Hyssop ct cineol has a gorgeously fresh, balsamic, sweet-earthy, slight fruity camphorous aroma that displays spectacular anti viral properties. It is widely used with beekeepers for the excellent honey it produces as well as with chefs and in the making of liqueurs.

Hyssop ct Cineol is the go-to essential oil for all respiratory conditions including asthma (non- allergic), bronchial congestion, upper respiratory infection, etc. It is known to have psycholeptic properties which gives it a calming effect and is useful in cases of nervous depression.

Hyssop ct cineol purifies the environment as well as the body and spirit. It has a heart opening and cleansing effect that allows for a calming acceptance and ease to flow.  It helps one to let go both physically and emotionally. Breathe it in and feel ahhhhh.

A very wise and useful essential oil herb indeed. Nice in the culinary cabinet and the perfumers pallet too!



Hyssop ct. cineol: (hyssopus officinalis var. canescens)~ herb Origin: SPA Method: Steam distilled from certified organic leaves and flower buds. Properties: Anticatarrhal; Expectorant, Anti-asthmatic; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-infectious; Anti-fungal; Antiviral; Digestive; Sympathotonic; Psychoanaleptic. Primary Constituents: Oxides (1,8-Cineol) Monoterpenes (b-pinene; limonene). *Not to be confused with Hyssop officinalis which contains the ketone pinocamphone that is toxic to pregnant women & small children. This Hyssop type is more similar to the gentle decumbens variety but with a higher 1,8 cineol content. An excellent purifying oil with an affinity to the respiratory system.

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