Perfume Samples


Can’t make a choice of which one of our natural perfumes to select from? Try a sample from a selection of one of our 12 unique olfactory creations. Each sample contains 3 ml of pure organic perfume for your discerning pleasure.


  • All our perfumes are made by hand in small batches from pure and natural essences and botanicals. They generally will last on your skin for about 2-6 hours or even longer depending on the particular formulation. Natural fragrances dry down very palatably and never wear you. • Reapply as desired throughout the day or night. *Botanical fragrances are greatly influenced by the wearer’s body chemistry making them very gender flexible.
  • Contents: A proprietor blend of artisan distilled essential oils & botanicals aged and alchemised in pure spirits/organic MCT and organic hydrolats.
  • 3 ml sample sizes.
  • Created by Isis Essentials in Nelson, BC. with LOVE!