Obsidian Yoni Egg


Obsidian is a protective stone that shields against negativity and can assist in releasing disharmony, resentment, fear and anger. It is an excellent gemstone of choice for sexual trauma healing and for doing deep spiritual healing and shadow work. It is grounding, protective and has powerful metaphysical properties that stimulate growth on all levels.



Obsidian yoni egg made of 100% natural and genuine obsidian
Manually carved and polished without using any chemical treatment
*Comes with a certificate of authenticity and jewelry pouch

  • Large size aprox. (50 x 40mm) (1.8 x 1.3 inch)
  • Medium size aprox. (45 x 33mm) (1.8 x 1.3 inch)
  • Small size aprox. (1.2×0.8 inch) (30mm x 20mm)
  • All eggs are unique and may differ slightly in size, shape and tone.

*Certificate of Authenticity
We certify that the obsidian eggs you purchased are made of 100% natural & genuine obsidian without any dyeing or chemical treatment, and are carved and polished in accordance with recognized industry quality standard and are guaranteed for workmanship.

Additional information

Large (drilled), Large (undrilled), Med (drilled), Med (undrilled), Small (drilled), Small (undrilled)