Jade Yoni Eggs


These jade yoni eggs are made of 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade mined in Canada. Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that is heavier than most other stones and harder than steel. In Chinese culture, nephrite jade is considered the “One of Heaven” and is the stone that has been used by Tantric and Toaism practitioners for centuries. Nephrite jade has been shown particularly helpful for healing kidney, stomach, bladder, stiff joints and arthritic complaints.

Some of the Benefits of Jade Yoni Eggs:

  • Strengthening vaginal muscles
  • Awakening sexual energy, passion and libido
  • Obtaining stronger orgasms
  • Tightens vaginal muscles after giving birth
  • Helps relieve and prevent incontinence
  • Heightens pleasure to the lingum
  • Tones and strengthens your core
  • Reduces sciatica pain
  • Promotes all round good health & longevity




Please note that all jade eggs are made of 100% natural and genuine Canadian nephrite jade without any chemical treatment or dyeing. Some eggs may have visible natural blemishes. This is natural and not a sign of a defect.  Each egg is unique from the others in terms of colour, tone, shade, etc., and is the only one in the world quite like it. Just like your yoni!

  • Small size (35x25mm), for intermediate and advanced users.
  •  Large size (2.0×1.4 inch) (50mm x 35mm).
  • Medium size (43mm x 30mm)

*Please consult your doctor or gynaecologist before using Yoni Eggs if you suffer from uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps or ovarian cysts.

Additional information

Large (drilled), Large (undrilled), Med (drilled), Med (undrilled), Small (drilled), Small (undrilled)