Rose Quartz Venus Balls


Venus Balls, Ben Wa Balls, Geisha Balls, run-no-tama, Orgasm Balls, Yoni Balls……etc. I like the name Venus Balls for these lovely Rose Quartz gemstones. Love Balls work too. Venus Love Balls. I like that. They will make your pussy happy no matter what you call them! The idea of the Venus Love Balls is to wear them inside your vagina to help tone the pelvic floor muscles and to bring awareness into your sexual core. The sensation of these balls is quite subtle for most and may be disappointing if you’re looking for instant gratification. They are working even if you don’t feel it at first. Rocking with them in place for me is the best way to use them. Find whatever works best for you and stick with it. Your pussy will be happy in the long run for it. Just remember you have them in if you’re going out! We wouldn’t want you to drop them in the supermarket lineup! It’s been done.

Qualities of Rose Quartz:

  • Stone of Universal Love
  • Healing Energy for the Heart
  • Restores harmony and trust in relationships
  • Eases the forgiveness process
  • assists the development of nurturing self-love
  • Provides a soft comfort for grief or depression



2 manually carved and polished 100% Rose Quartz gemstone Venus Balls undrilled.

Comes with a silk storage pouch

Each ball measures about 1″ in size and weighs on average around 23-28 gms ea. Each ball is unique.  Slight fluctuations in size, colour and weight are inherent.