Smokey Quartz Yoni Egg


Here’s what our friends at Yoni Crystals have to say about the gorgeous and mysterious Smokey Quartz Yoni Egg:  A mysterious stone that is known for its cleansing and grounding nature. Gently helps one to detoxify on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels by neutralizing negativity. This crystal will help you to being clearing the shadows from your womb while offering you psychic protection as well. Seen as a ‘bridge crystal’ between the (light) Star Rose Quartz and (dark) Obsidian mineral, Smokey Quartz begins the process of inner clearing and healing, gently.

This crystal is best used in the beginning of clearing and cleansing the womb. You may feel past lovers or past womb experiences effortlessly surface to be released. As it is a grounding, cleansing stone it can help you through difficult times and to enhance a new level of boundaries, with yourself and other. Can help to create a powerful yet gentle cleansing space. Great for dreams as well, you may experience clearing old limiting beliefs in your dream state. Physically this crystals helps the abdomen, digestive track, hips and womb space. Additionally great for assisting to block electromagnetic frequencies. From Madagascar.

This mineral can help you:

  • Ground your energy and anchor you to Gaia
  • Cleanse any unwanted energy from your womb
  • Protects you psychically
  • Creates healing before the ‘crisis state’
  • Accelerates healing on all levels


Fair trade; ethically sourced; certified organic process for safe practise under the highest strict guidelines. This is the very finest Crystal Yoni Egg we’ve seen. Truly amazing!

Comes with an eco-cotton pussy pouch to keep your Smokey Quartz Yoni Crystal in and a 40 page booklet to guide you in what to do with hir.


Additional information

Large (undrilled), Med (drilled), Medium (undrilled), Small (undrilled)