Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit


The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit is designed to help ease penetration by gently stretching tight or sensitive areas and restoring comfort and pleasure gradually. Each dilator has a smooth and sleek angled shape, and a finger loop for easy use. Starting off very slim .5″ (1.25cm) and barely longer than a baby finger at 3″ (7.5cm), the five sizes increase up to the largest 5.5″ (14cm) version. Regardless of which is in use, the Dilator’s sleek shape widens very gently allowing you to move comfortably at your own pace. These ergonomically curved tools are thoughtfully created to improve intimate experiences and to aid sexual health.

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/ Contents: Five Silicone Probes

Measurements 3″ x 0.5″ / 7.5cm x 1.25cm (Dilator 1)
3.5″ x 0.75″ / 9cm x 2cm (Dilator 2)
4.25″ x 0.75″ / 10.75cm x 2cm (Dilator 3)
5″ x 1″ / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Dilator 4)
5.5″ x 1.25″ / 14cm x 3.25cm (Dilator 5)

The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit can be used as a vaginal trainer, or for treating vaginismus. By using a vaginal dilator set, you can train your vaginal muscles to relax and become used to penetration. The dilators are also suitable for recovery use after surgery. For a comfortable application, we recommend  using a quality natural lubricant. Please avoid silicone lubricants with your silicone dilators.

*CalExotics generously donates proceeds from this item to Living Beyond Breast Cancer®.