Obsidian Shakti Wand Aise 1.0


This Obsidian Shakti Wand is both a functional wand and beautiful piece of hand crafted art. Use for solo play, partner play, meditation and ritual work, or displayed as a sculptural art piece in your home.

Obsidian is a protective gemstone that shields against negativity, and absorbs harmful energies from the environment. This stone is believed to reduce the pain of arthritis, help joint problems, ease cramps, and aid digestion. This stone is believed to help in proper blood circulation and ease stomach problems. Obsidian can assist in releasing disharmony, resentment, fear and anger. Obsidian has powerful metaphysical properties that stimulate growth on all levels. It is spiritually grounding and has strong psychic protection vibrational energy, making it an excellent gemstone to use in all kinds of spiritual and healing work.

  • Useful Benefits Of The Shakti Wand Include:
  •  to heal and release sexual trauma
  • to strengthen the Kegel muscles
  • Enjoy sacred self pleasuring
  • To assist with the movement of sexual energy
  • To take your divine sexual essence to a higher vibrational level

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  • Dimensions: 17 -21 cm (7 – 8 inch) long, circumference (girth) at the larger end is 12cm (4.5 inch), at the smaller end is 9cm (3.5inch), very long and thick. An excellent crystal healing wand.
  • Manually carved from 100% natural obsidian gemstone; each wand is slightly different & unique in terms of size, shape, tone, etc.
  • Manually carved and polished without using any chemical treatment; Excellent finishing with very smooth surface like glass, ensuring easy gliding.
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity and a velvet drawstring storage pouch.