Holy Basil


A powerful aromatic herb used both in Ayurvedic and folk medicine, Holy Basil or Tulsi,  is considered a purifier of the mind, body, and spirit. Tulsi holds a special place in Hindu courtyards across India, where it is planted for its auspicious and protective powers. Holy Basil’s fragrant and powerful therapeutic medicinal qualities have earned it the title the “Elixir of Life.”

‘O Tulsi! Within your roots are all the sacred places of the world. 

And inside your stem live all the Gods and Goddesses. 

Your leaves radiate every form of sacred fire.’ 

~Orrisan Tulsi worship

I absolutely love Tulsi combined with Cardamon, Rose and Jasmine sambac as a perfume! The aromatic combo of these precious oils really does it for me. Super sexy aphrodisiac to my nose that really gets down…. just saying. An aromatic aphrodisiac massage blend perhaps I’m thinking? Sounds Divine. Tulsi with its high eugenol content works wonders on sore achy muscles. Get creative. But please don’t offer it to Lord Ganesh!



Holy Basil: (Ocimum sanctum)< a.k.a. Tulsi> ~leaves Origin: India c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties/uses: Antispasmodic; analgesic; good for memory; insecticidal; good for gastro-intenstinal disorders; inflammation and arthritis; muscular pain. Primary Contituents: Phenylpropanes (Eugenol) * May be a skin irritant on some individuals due to high eugenol content. Dilute to about 1%  in topical applications.

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15ml, 5ml