Frankincense Serrata Co2


 Frankincense Serrata, or what is commonly known as Indian Frankincense or Shallaki in Sanskrit, is arguably one of the oldest, most majestic and exquisite Frankincense varieties known. This is the Frankincense used in prayer, ceremony and medicine since time immemorial and has been a major item of commerce and incense making for well over 3,000 years.  Steeped in ancient tradition and ritual, Frankincense’s abundant aromatic mysteries lay deeply imbedded into the core of our beings, radically shaping our history as a human race, to which hidden secrets unfold more to this day.

 This particular Indian Frankincense comes from ethically wild harvested resin tears off the glorious Boswellia serrata in Madhya Pradesh. The essential oil is carbon dioxide extracted from the resin tears delivering the most exquisite full-bodied aroma and medicinally rich Frankincense oil. A fragrant treat for any Frankincense connoisseur!



Indian Frankincense: (Boswellia serrata) ~resin Origin: IND Method: Carbon dioxide extract Properties: Anti-arthritic; anti-inflammatory; analgesic; antibacterial; antifungal; immunomodulatory; antihyperlipidemic; antiatherosclerotic. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes (α-thujene) (α-terpineol) sesquiterepenes, traces of boswellic acid 0.1%. Blends well with Myrrh, Davana, Rose, Petitgrain & Lemon.

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15ml, 5ml