Chamomile, Roman (Bulgaria)


Roman Chamomile essential oil promotes instant relaxation and allows cramps and tensions to just melt away. According to L’Aromathérapie Exactement, it is helpful for nervous shock and other stress or tension related issues.  This particular distillation from Bulgaria is super rich in highly fragrant and distinct esters. It helps activate the crown chakra, calms emotional reactivity and soothes the spirit. Gorgeous!



Roman Chamomile: (Anthemis nobilis) ~Flowering tops Origin: BUL Method: Steam distilled flowering tops. Properties: Relaxing; anti-spasmodic; anti-inflammatory; anti-parasitic; calming. Primary Constituents: Complex Esters 80%. Blends well with Hops, Green Mandarin, Spikenard, German Chamomile; Lavender and Clary sage.

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