Vampire Gloves


These devilishly fun Vampire Gloves are crafted from soft, fine black leather, with a sporty snap closure at the wrist, and 96 prickly little sharp pin tacks protruding from the fingers and thumbs. The pin tacks are about 1/8″ long, and will prick and scratch the skin like little thorns, but will not pierce the skin unless you squeeze or slap it very firmly.

These lovely gloves can be used in all sorts of creatively devious and stimulating ways. Some people might find the sensation rather intense, perhaps in a ticklish kind of way. Loads of fun!


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  • Pair of Black Leather Vampire Gloves
  • To determine your glove size follow these directions:
  • 1. Measure around the hand at the fullest part. (not including the thumb)
  • 2. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.
  • 3. Use the LARGEST of the two measurements for the correct glove size.
  • 4. If you are RIGHT handed, take measurements from your RIGHT hand, if you are LEFT handed, take measurements from your LEFT hand.
  • X-Small: 7 1/2″
  • Small:  8 1/2″
  • Medium: 9 1/2″
  • Large:  10 1/2″
  • X-Large:  11 1/2″
  • Made in the USA
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Large, Medium, Small, XS