Horse Hair Flogger


Genuine horsehair flogger. These increasingly hard to find floggers are thuddy with a bit of stingy heat due to the friction of the horse hair.  A favourite warm up flogger or brush down. Nice for gentler, more sensual play but can  be fairly intense under certain conditions. We’ll let your imagination roll on that one, shall we? We absolutely love horse hair floggers around here. Mine has been a personal toy bag mainstay for years.  A gentle shampooing now and then (while keeping the handle dry) will keep this flogger clean and supple for years of fun and games. Some shedding, especially in the beginning, is normal. Overall length of this flogger is 27″. Giddy up!


  • Genuine Horse Hair
  • Wooden Handle
  • 27″ in Length
  • Hand Crafted With Love in Canada
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Blonde, Brunette