Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Men


From the publishers of the best-selling The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino there comes a companion book specifically for men by the late literary radical Bill Brent. Among the topics covered are safety, preparation, and hygiene; how to give and receive anal pleasure; building trust and communicating desires; choosing toys, accessories, and safe-sex supplies.


Author: Bill Brent

Mr. Brent was involved in the Bay Area bisexual, BDSM, Black Leather Wings radical faerie, and pro-sex literary communities in the 1990s. He published The Black Book one of the first queer and alternative sexuality directories and edited or contributed to more than 30 erotic anthologies. Bill Brent, a prolific author of sex-positive literature and a member of San Francisco’s alternative sexuality communities, died during the weekend of August 20 2012. He ended his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge after a long struggle with depression and chronic pain. He was 52.

“Bill was a leader in the fin de siecle San Francisco erotic and sex radical renaissance in countless ways,” said author Susie Bright, former editor of On Our Backs. “He published so many great people, he was endlessly generous, and a devoted literature person in every way.”