Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women


The best-selling self-help book on anal sex for women now completely updated and expanded. A must read for all anal play enthusiasts!

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About Tristan Taormino: Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, sex educator, speaker, filmmaker, and radio host. Tristan’s work, writing and films are routinely used in college courses to explore the complex issues of relationship and sexual diversity, politics and media. As a speaker, she is widely regarded as an expert on a diverse range of topics from sexual empowerment and LGBTQ sexuality to non-monogamy and feminist pornography. She lectures at top colleges and universities including Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Smith, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA, where she speaks on gay and lesbian issues, sexuality and gender, and feminism. Tristan teaches sex and relationship workshops around the world.