The New Topping Book


The essential manual for tops, dominants, owners, trainers, masters, mistresses and more. This important manual contains not just the “how-to”, but the “why-to”.  A super fun and important read that is packed with sound advice on emotional support & ethical play skillsets built on decades of experience, helping to ensure the safety of ourselves and those we play with. It also explores the challenges & rewards of lifestyle relationships, as well as navigating  on-line dominating issues that may arise in our digital age.

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Dossie Easton, a San Francisco therapist, has been an active sex radical since 1961. While she is a well-known bottom, Dossie also tops, and has taught dozens of classes on S/M techniques, skills and philosophy. She was one of the first members of the Society of Janus in San Francisco, and has been a leader in the emerging area of S/M practice that links S/M and spirituality.

Janet W. Hardy (aka Catherine A. Liszt and Lady Green) is a writer, perv, girlfag, pain slut and educator. The author or co-author of eleven books about alternative sexuality, she has spoken at hundreds of conferences and workshops around the world. She lives, writes and cooks in Eugene, Oregon, with her spouse, dogs, cat and chickens.