The Roper C-Ring


The Roper is a brilliantly simple and effective cock ring design made from braided 6mm nylon bondage rope, that cinches firmly into place with a couple of very grippy rubber O rings. Slip it on behind the balls, and snug it up to the preferred tightness. What this achieves, apart from inducing a pleasing warmth, is to strengthen the erection, by allowing blood flow into the penis, while limiting the flow out. This also sensitizes the penis, which is a good thing. You can also play with the rubber o-rings and turn the Roper into a double header for cock and balls. Also a good thing. Last but not least, constriction toys like the Roper have been known to delay ejaculation. Again, a good thing. Oh….and one more thing. Your partner can play with it like a lasso once on! More good things.


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