Flower Pin Urethral Insert


This beautiful stainless steel cock pin offers urethral sounding with erotic class. The decorative, flower design sliding silver guard and jewelled tip impart a subtle flourish to this insert, making it both practical for urethral stimulation and a thing of beauty. Put a drop of lubricant on the rod and place it at the edge of the urethra. If your cock is erected vertically, it will fit in effortlessly. For use with penetration, please use a condom to prevent it from slipping out of the urethra. Unparalleled pleasure! Made in France.

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Length from tip to tip: 2 ¾ inches
Insertable length: Appx. 2 ½ inches
Diameter of jeweled tip: ¼ inch
Diameter of Flower: Appx. ½ inch
Width of Shaft: 1/8 inch diameter to ¼ inch as widest point

Material: Stainless Steel with garnet gemstone

Made in France