The Original Magic Wand


The Magic Wand. Formally known as The Hitachi Magic Wand. I still call mine Hitachi. As in “Grab the Hitachi!” or “Don’t forget the Hitachi” or “I’ll go get the Hitachi” or “What do you mean you forgot the Hitachi???? We have to go back!” You get the idea. Took those Hitachi people long enough to figure out why they were selling so many massagers I suppose. I would be proud! They have been keeping many a people happy and smiling around the world for a whole lot of years. They deserve a metal!

The Magic Wand is loud, bulky, plugs in the wall, is heavy, has only 2 settings and creates firm, powerful massaging vibrations that are oh so satisfying. A powerful and reliable workhorse that gets the job done every time. I keep mine plugged in next to the bed at all times. A must!

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  • Two satisfying frequencies: I) 5,000 and II) 6,000 vibrations per minute.
  • The Magic Wand massager is approximately 12 inches long, and about 2 1/4 inches wide across its vibrating head.
  • It weighs in at a sturdy 1.2 pounds
  • 1 year warranty