Venus Harness


Bullhide has lots of properties that make it particularly suitable for harness construction. For one thing, it’s very strong. For another, it’s extremely soft and supple. I should also make the point that it’s really comfortable, and you don’t need to spend any time breaking the leather in. Last but perhaps not least, it looks and feels fabulous.

The Venus Harness is quick and easy to adjust, and since all of the straps attach directly to the 1.75″ cast chrome O ring, the wearer has excellent control of dil placement. The ring itself can be removed and replaced to accommodate various dildo sizes, and the bullhide pad can be taken out, if required, for greater intimacy.


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  • 100% soft & durable bullhide leather.
  • 1.75″ cast chrome O ring and jock buckles
  • Fits up to 42″ hips / waist

Brilliantly designed and hand crafted in Canada by our friends at Leatherbeaten

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