Stainless Steel Urethral Dilators


The urethra is lined with super-sensitive nerve endings which can be extremely pleasurable for some people when properly stimulated. Also, for cis-men in particular, deep urethral play with sounding devices directly massage the prostate like none other. These particular urethral dilators are made of weighty stainless steel with a rounded tip and flat handle. They have a slight curve that follows the urethra pathway directly to the prostrate and come in 3 different sizes.

With that being said, urethral sounding of any kind is what we would consider ‘serious sex play’. This means there are some basic rules which need to be adhered to in order to ensure play is safe and enjoyable.

  • Only use items designed specifically for urethral insertion
  • Use the proper sized equipment
  • NEVER force anything into your urethra.
  • Go slow. If you don’t have patience DON’T DO IT!
  • Keep everything scrupulously clean and sterile.
  • Use a good sterile lube
  • Wear gloves (not necessary but highly advisable)
  • If it hurts in a bad way- STOP! Don’t push through it.
  • Relax. Breathe. Go slow.
  • Urinate afterwards to flush out any potential bacteria
  • If you experience prolonged pain, bleeding or any progressive negative symptoms after 24 hrs of any sort call a doctor immediately.

Still want to play? Good! Take it slow. Start small. Be patient. Urethral sounding may not be for everyone but for those who enjoy the incredible sensations sounding delivers, we’ve got you covered!





100% Stainless Steel Urethral Dilators in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes.

By Rouge

*For more advanced sounding play, ask us about some of our other unique urethral sounding devices.

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4mm, 5mm, 6mm