Sensemax VR Headset


Immerse Yourself

Turn your imagination into reality and bring to life the erotic theater of your mind with the Sense VR Headset from SenseMax.

As part of their Sense Ecosystem line of products, the Sense VR Headset lets you enjoy adult content in an innovative way that takes your fantasy to a new level. Enjoy any virtual reality adult content by inserting your phone into the Sense VR Headset and start experiencing a new way to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Sync the Sense VR Headset with the SenseMax SenseTube (*sold separately) through the Sense Lovers App. Available for iOS and Android with a screen of 5-5.7 inches, you can select from steamy VR videos that will take you to another world. Connect with your SenseTube through a Bluetooth connection and let the real fun begin. As you move the masturbation sleeve up and down, you can see the characters react. You can even change their position, point of view, and help them reach their happy ending.

Its comfortable fit and adjustable straps of the Sense VR Headset allow for hands-free pleasure, allowing you to focus on the action at hand. Thanks to its lightweight, open design, you can still access all of your phone’s buttons and functions. Charge your phone while watching videos to let your battery run smoothly, or connect your headphones to keep enjoying what the virtual world has to offer in complete comfort and privacy.

The line on Sense VR Headset allows you to easily align your phone and headset to create a perfect parallax effect, making your VR experience as comfortable as possible and creating the sensation of complete immersion.

The Sense VR Headset was designed to keep the air around your smartphone circulating, allowing it to vent off excessive heat. When using your phone in the Sense VR Headset to watch virtual reality videos, its open design will keep your battery from overheating and prevent your VR experience from derailing.

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• VR headset by SenseMax
• Comfortable fit & hands-free for total immersion
• 180° & 360° VR experience with panoramic view
• Fits seamlessly over Android or iOS phone with a screen of 5-5.7 inches
• Sense Ecosystem compatible
• Adjustable eyesight & glasses compatible
• One size fits all with adjustable straps
• HD compatible (1080 & higher)
• 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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