Sensemax SenseBand


Elevate Your Handiwork

Take your traditional handywork into a brave new world with the SenseBand from SenseMax. As part of SenseMax Sense Ecosystem, the SenseBand is an interactive platform to provide a holistic intimate experience. Its motion sensor technology and Bluetooth capability track your movements for responsive 2D video play or for an immersive VR experience, all without a bulky device getting in the way.

SenseBand connects you to customizable VR-enabled adult content that can be enjoyed with the Sense VR Headset (*sold separately) or any other virtual reality headset. Download the free Sense Lovers App on your iOS or Android to access a comprehensive library of customizable adult content, both real and animated, where you can interact with the characters in 180° and 360° videos.

As you masturbate, you can see the characters react to your movements. You can even change their position, point of view, and help them reach their happy ending. For the ultimate interactive synchronized pleasure. , the SenseBand features a MAX button for 3 seconds will take you to the most intense scene in the video, taking your orgasm to mind-blowing new heights.

SenseBand showcases a discreet minimalist look and modern shape, designed to make the wristband blend in naturally with its surroundings. If you’re not using it for the interactive or VR-immersive pleasure functions, the versatile SenseBand also doubles as a nice piece of wearable tech that you can easily wear whenever, wherever.

The lightweight design and one-size-fits-all comfortable fit, gives SenseBand an effortlessly cool fashion accessory around your wrist, making it the ultimate smart device for hands-free self-pleasure that can be worn during all daily activities.


• Interactive VR-compatible Wristband by SenseMax
• Lightweight, discreet design can be worn all day
• Up to one year of battery life (*batteries included) with 100 hours of use
• 100% waterproof & dustproof
• Connect to a VR player through Bluetooth for total immersion and responsiveness Bluetooth 4.0 with signal range of up to 15 m. / 50 ft.
• Sense Ecosystem and other Virtual Reality Apps compatible
• Download the Sense Lovers App for free Adult Content (Android & iOS)
• Sync with the app for responsive pleasure and control the video through your movements as you masturbate
• One size fits all
• 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty